Saturday, May 2, 2009


So um...yeah...I have been terrible at keeping up with this thing lately. Between Twitter and Facebook...I forget to update on here.

Mother's Day is coming up and I am so excited! My sisters and I got our mom a pretty cool gift...I think she'll really like it.

My photography business is starting off nicely. It is really hard to find time to edit since my parents' computer is old and bogged down and ours is in the room where Delia sleeps...and the only time I have to do anything is, of course, when she is napping. I have gotten some bookings for May and I am really excited about them.

Hopefully using our computer won't be a problem much longer...Mike had his second interview with a really great company this past week. Our old neighbor in Powell, Brian, works for them out of the Knoxville area...but they are actually located here in Nashville. This last interview was with the owner and it went really well. Now we wait. Please pray. If he gets this, we can for sure move out in the next couple of months.

Delia is doing awesome! She never ceases to amaze me or crack me up...even as she is developing a bit of baby attitude. It's so funny how much like me she is. I get her...even when she's being less than cooperative. She is talking like crazy and growing more and more independent. She is twirling in the living room as I type this. She is starting to say two and three word "sentences". Stuff like, "Help please" or "I sorry" or "I stuck" (though that one comes out as "I suck"). She is climbing stairs...which absolutely freaks me out. She is hardly ever still...except maybe when Dora is on. She loves ammals (that's animals). We got a zoo membership that gets us into over 100 other zoos for free...she loves it! Especially the animals we can get close to: the goats, horse, lorikeets, sheep, meerkats, etc. As far as growth...she's gained a tiny bit of weight but she is still one of the healthiest kids I know of.

We're going to try to go to DC this late summer. Even though Mike's grandparents only live about 45 minutes from there, he's never been. I went on a class trip for 4 or 5 days in the 6th grade and I loved it. We were going to stay with his Mamaw and Pap and then just either drive in to DC every day or take the train. Every major monument there is free...all the Smithsonian museums are free...we will literally only be paying for food and gas. We were going to try to make it to New York either this summer or fall to see my family...but we're going to have to wait now.

Oh and I have already stated my Etsy addiction...if you have baby girls (or are about to, Ashley...), you need to visit this blog: Three Yellow Starfish . She makes the cutest pinafores and bloomers. I'm also putting her link on my friends list. I got Delia a pair of bloomers for summer and they are so cute! There is a link to her Etsy site where you can purchase any of her items.

I also have to give link love to Tanya, owner of The Dirty Housewife Soaps. I love, love, love her soaps. I am a soap junkie and these are so great...I even licked one of the bars I got because it smelled really sweet. She has an Etsy store as well. You can visit her blog here: The Dirty Housewife . There is a link to her Etsy site on there as well.

Well, I need to get off here. Delia has been playing but she's getting cranky since it's getting close to naptime.

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Tanya said...

Well arent you just sweet with the plug about my shop on your blog!:) And believe me I am old enough-35 this August-maybe I look so young from all that wonderful soap I use ;)
Thanks Steph!...going to package your order:)