Saturday, January 19, 2008

Such a long time's been a while. The little one is down for a few so I will take this time to note a few things.

Thanks to everyone for the many prayers for Delia. She is doing so, so well and we know that it is all thanks to our Father! We were so scared those first few days and it was a real test for me to really just have faith that things were going to be okay.

Keep praying though for us with our hospital bills...we were hit with a lot b/c the doctors in ETCH NICU are not contracted with our insurance. The hospital is...just not the doctors. Right now we have a lot to pay that we weren't expecting.

Also, I go back to work in two weeks and it's going to be tough...I won't lie. I am going to miss being with D all day and seeing all those little things she does.

Speaking of...she has started really smiling. She can hold her head up pretty well for longer periods of time. She loves to look at lights and bright colors and she talks to her bedroom walls while she's being changed. She is truly the most adorable baby ever. And yes...I am totally biased.

We can start having visitors more often at the beginning of February which is awesome. I have felt a little like a hermit for the past month and a half.

Also, I will be 26 at the beginning of February. Not planning on anything special this year. We are going to Nashville the weekend before my birthday so maybe we'll do something there with my family.

Well, I need to get back to my precious. (That sounds a little Gollum-ish, doesn't it?) I'll add photos some other time.