Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost a year!

I cannot believe that in a little over a month...we'll have a one year old little girl! Time has gone by so quickly!! I need to get going on putting her party together. We've decided to have it in Nashville since we will more than likely be moved there by then. I'm just not sure exactly where in Nashville yet. If it's at my parents', then we'll have to clean before and after (yuck...). My sister said we could do it at her apartment, but there again...she'd have to clean...and it's not as big. And I need to get invitations and work on getting them out in the next few weeks. I know a lot of our Knoxville friends may not be able to make it...but I hope some can be there.

Next Thursday, we're taking her to Central Baptist in Fountain City's Trunk or to follow. Then Halloween night we're going camping with my family at Pickett State Park.

She's going to be able to get her 1 year immunizations at 11 months since we don't know if we'll have insurance when she is 1.

On November 9th at 6 pm, we are doing her baby dedication at the Ridge Community Church. If you love our daughter, be there!

We are also supposed to find out about the offer on our house tomorrow. I have a feeling it will go through and if so, we're closing 10-14 days after. So we'll have to move very soon.

It is just crazy how fast this last year has gone by. So much has happened...good and bad. I feel like we're definitely stronger as a couple (for Mike and I) and as a family.


Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Fall!!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008 we'd love to call it home.

Still not there yet. We visited this past weekend for my sister's housewarming party. Friday we ate at my Grandma's and watched a movie. We went to Germantown on Saturday for Octoberfest. Had some good German sausage and beer. Sarah's apartment is so cute! I should have taken photos but I forgot. It's seriously almost as big as our house. She got a lot of really nice and usable things at her party. We got to hang out with family...made a fire Sunday night.

We should hopefully find out in less than a week if the offer on our house will be accepted. We're really praying it does. SunTrust keeps losing paperwork which is why it's taken this long.

We're going to carve our pumpkin tomorrow night after we go to a funeral visitation...fall is good times. Not the visitation...the carving.

I found out yesterday that our friends, Josh and Caleb, lost their grandmother, Ann. She had had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and has been going up and down in health since then. God saw fit to call her to Him Tuesday night. She leaves behind a family that will truly mourn and miss her. I know how close they all were to her...I can't imagine. I only have one grandmother who is active in my life and she is my second mother. I don't want to think about the time when she'll no longer be here. Please pray for them. This is definitely a hard time for the Tipton and Jenkins family.


Friday, October 10, 2008

God is in control!

Everything that's happened with Baby Isaiah has really had Mike and I thinking back to when Delia was in the hospital and how dark and grim a time that was at first. But what is so awesome is that we had complete and total faith that God would heal our baby girl and she would come home with us without any indication that anything had ever been wrong.

He did just that. The photos above show Delia at Children's Hospital and how she looks now. For anyone that knows my know her lungs (that were once compromised and filled with fluid) are working just fine...better then fine. She can hit Mariah Carey-like octaves. It's not that I have forgotten at all what happened to her or how scared we were and how helpless we felt...but it was such a blip in her life that she overcame miraculously. We know that God will do the same for Isaiah. Denira and Bobby will be able to look back 10 1/2 months from now and think the same thing. I am certain of that. God is in control. He is taking care of that baby boy.


Monday, October 6, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Patch

We took Delia to her first pumpkin patch and for her first hayride over the weekend. She loved it! She loves being outside to begin with and she absolutely loved the hayride. She picked out a great pumpkin to carve.

We're going to a costume party at the Powell library tomorrow afternoon...I'll post photos from that soon.

We're headed to Nashville this weekend...I really thought we'd be moved there already by now...but God has had other plans and we really have been trying to be more patient with that.

The most exciting news that I have is that Denira and Bobby are going to meet their son, Isaiah, this Wednesday!!! We're definitely going to have to stop by that evening to see him before we head to Nashville on Thursday! I am so excited. I know the last month is really hard and Denira has just been ready to see her little boy and he'll finally be here!!!! Pray for an easy delivery and a healthy baby!