Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't wanna be here!

I'll be honest...with everyday I'm in my office...I realize more and more I'd rather be home with Delia. I am not a lazy person by any means...I am just a mother who loves her daughter. I know I am not unique in this desire to spend my days with my child. It just hurts to be away from her. Please pray that my days become easier or that we will find a way so that I can be home with her.

Also, we have some big life-changing decisions to make and I know they're going to be very difficult to follow through on. Not so much for me as for Mike. It will be hard on both of us...but more so for him. There is a very good possibility that we will be moving to Nashville within the year. That's where I'm from so it would be easier for me in that regard only. I'll still have to deal with all the changes that will come along with it. Finding a new job, finding a new house (after we just bought one less than a year ago), finding a new sitter, finding a new pediatrician...not to mention just the headache of moving in itself. We're not moving until Mike gets a job. This isn't a decision that was come to easily. It's just that Knoxville can't offer what Nashville can as far as jobs/income. And this wasn't even my idea either. Mike brought it up without me ever even thinking of it as an option. Obviously it will be so hard for him leaving his parents and us leaving our friends and what I have come to consider as my home. We just want to do what is best for our family, whatever that means.

Anyway, that's just a little of what's going on right now. Just send up some prayers for the Gentry family right now, if you will!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm the Mama!

I am so amazed by how quickly Delia is growing. I am also sad that I'm not there during every day to see it as it happens. I am uplifted though that each and every day as soon as she sees me, she lights up and gives me the biggest toothless grin! Being her mom is the best thing I can think of next to being Mike's wife.

We're also finally able to start bringing her to church. Mike filled in on drums at Headwaters this past Sunday and she did so well. They don't have a nursery so she sat with me and slept most of the time. She also finally got to meet her friend Sophia. Sophia is going to have a baby sister soon and she really wanted to hold D...but since she's only 15 months old... no dice.

We're going to get her 3 month photos done next week. Can you believe she's almost 3 months old?!? She sits up in her Bumbo seat with no assistance and can hold her head up so well. She looks so proud of herself sitting on her own. It's adorable.

I am back to work as I sort of elluded to above. I really do enjoy what I do...but I enjoy my time with Delia more. I'm okay once I get her to the sitter's and get to work. It's just hard when she gets up in the morning and is all smiles and being so cute and then having to leave her. I hate that part.

Someone please start a home business with me. I have been thinking about event planning (parties, weddings, etc.). I know I'd be great at it...I organize like nobody's business and I have the best ideas for parties and such. I just really want to think of a way to be able to stay home with my daughter.

Anyway, I need to get back to my work. Mike is home sick and I hope it's nothing terrible or contagious. So far, we have both had colds and a stomach virus and Delia hasn't gotten any of it.

I promise, I'll be putting photos up soon. Soon just happens to be a very unknown word to me right now. So is the word clean. Oh and sleep too.