Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been feeling pretty down the last few days and since I've started taking it out on my husband...I figure it's time to stop.

I'm just really discouraged that we haven't moved yet. That Mike hasn't found a job and that our house hasn't sold. I just want to be in Nashville so bad it makes me almost angry to even think about it.

I am so tired of my job: physically, mentally, and emotionally tired from it. I love my co-workers and I love the families I've been able to work with but I want to be at home with Delia and I know I'll be able to in Nashville.

Anyway, keep the Gentrys in your prayers. I don't want to keep feeling this way until we do get moved.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Before you go thinking this is going to be some heavy blog about binge drinking...let me stop you.

It's not.

But it's an addiction of a different sort.

I am addicted to buying baby clothes. I can't help myself. I am a mommy obsessed. The upside is I rarely buy anything that's not on sale or clearance. But's a fix I have to have. And it doesn't just stop with Delia...I look for excuses to buy clothes for other babies. Sheesh.

Well, I have to teahc PATH...

Pray for my obsession.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekends are good

Last week sucked. Really bad. I worked four nights. I had a lot of trouble finding childcare for D for some of those nights. I am so sick of my job. I am so ready to be able to stay at home with my daughter. It also didn't help that Mike was at a sleep study for two nights so I didn't see him from Wednesday morning until late Friday night.

The weekend was better. A lot better. Denira's shower was Saturday afternoon and she got lots of good stuff for little Isaiah! I know that first shower definitely makes it seem that much more real that your baby will be here soon. It's so exciting getting all that stuff because you know the arrival is just around the corner. Mike and I just hung out with Delia Saturday night. Sunday I let Mike sleep in and Delia and I played for a while then when she got sleepy, we went and took a nap (something I never do anymore). It was nice. We went to the duck pond, where she totally ignored the ducks and geese. Then we went to a few stores and just drove around. We had dinner at Salsaritas and then went back home to get ready for the week ahead. We watched a movie and just hung out some more.

I'm working three nights this week and Mike has mandatory overtime. But I'm having a Southern Living party at my house this Friday so I'm excited to have some girl time. I won't be able to hang out with my friends for two weeks in a row so it'll be nice.

Next weekend we're going to Nashville. We haven't been since June so I am ready. I just know it'll be hard to come back because I really thought we'd be moved there by now.

I know I am being taught through all this to have patience and just trust in God's timing. Please pray that I can do that. It is so hard.


Monday, August 4, 2008

We call her Scoot...

Miss Heather asked to see a photo of my tattoo. So the first is a photo of my tattoo right after I got it in September of 2003. The second photo is a partial view of some of the add-ons I've had done in the last couple of years. I had a cloud border added and then the dogwood about two years ago. My arm has gotten significantly larger (aka fatter) in the last year or so. I'm going to keep blaming it on having been pregnant at least for the next couple of months. I have plans for a compass tattoo on my left foot but our funds have to be used elsewhere. Someday...

Also, my child is scooting all over the floor on her butt. She refuses to crawl. Apparently she's too good for it.