Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So ready for spring!

I am so congested it's making me sick to my stomach. Delia has had the worst sounding cough and it's starting to sound a little better so I hope it's gone by the weekend, at least. Mike found out from Epiphone that they are in an "unofficial hiring freeze", whatever that means. He was pretty frustrated with the woman who called since he's been trying to get a hold of her and another guy there for over a month. So pretty much...he's giving up on that as a job prospect. But since they told him he had the job, he hadn't been looking as diligently for other things so now he's back at it, full swing.

Okay, that's the stuff that sucks right now. I needed to whine a bit. Other than that, we're good. So ready to be out of my parents' house but it'll happen. We joined the church we've been visiting and we're really excited. We had already started getting involved and have even started a new ministry there with another in the works.

I am loving the nice weather we've been having the last two days, even though I think it's supposed to get cold again soon. We're planning a camping trip for sometime soon and since I won't be working Saturdays anymore after this Saturday...we'll be able to get into more stuff on the weekends. I am so pumped about Easter since Delia will be able to participate this year! She has the cutest dress and we made a basket for her. Again, we'll be visiting Knoxville/Powell the first weekend in April and we can't wait to see everyone! I think we're also going to try and head up to Cade's Cove while we're there if the weather is good.

Mike is about done with my logo so I can start watermarking my photos. It's really cute. Since they're kind of pricey, I'm not setting up a website yet...I have a blog I'm going to post photos to for now. We also got Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 and I am ready to figure them both out. I know a little about basic stuff...but I want to be able to use it all on my own so I'm not constantly bothering Mike about it.

Well, I guess that's all that's been happening. Like I said, we're just itching to get out of here and into our own place. Please keep Mike in your prayers as he looks for another job so that we can get a place of our own.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We want to see our friends!

We will be in town the first weekend of April!!! We want to see everyone, so we need another hangtime.

Ok, that's it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

15 months old!

We took Delia for her 15 month check up today. She's doing great, of course. The doc did have some questions about her weight but once we assured her that Delia does eat and is one of the healthiest babies we know...she just gave a couple of new suggestions on how to increase her caloric intake. She's just going to be petite, I guess. She also got three shots and was not okay with it. She screamed and cried like she has never done after getting shots. We also waited two hours before being seen and she was really tired and not happy about not being able to get down and play (they had nothing to separate the sick and well children). We actually weren't so impressed with the office as a whole. The doctor was just okay. We just really loved the Blackmons and their quality of care.

Delia showed off her huge vocabulary and showed the doctor where all of her facial body parts are. Then she ran through all the animal noises she knows. And then she shredded the paper on the exam table. And tried to eat some of it...

Anyway, we're all good here. Nothing major going on. Epiphone seems to be dragging their feet all over the place with hiring Mike. It'll be 8 months this month since he first interviewed and all he keeps hearing is that they're sending his hiring packet through.

Well, we need to go eat...hope everyone has a good rest of the week!