Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good grief!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have updated this thing. I can't even begin to try and catch up so I won't. Things have been going really well and Delia is still the smartest, funniest, most beautiful little girl I've even seen!

She will be 21 months next week which means her 2nd birthday will be here before we know it. I'm already planning the party cause that's how I roll. The thing that stinks about birthdays in late fall or winter is that there's not as many options as in warmer weather. But she's still pretty little for a lot of stuff anyway. Not that anyone may care...but the theme is Woodland Fairy Tea Party...I do love having a little girl!

We were thinking of enrolling her in Montessori this year but we're gonna hold off. I can't bear to part with her just yet, even for a few days for a few hours.

As some may know...I have become a PartyLite consultant. It was free to start and it seemed like a flexible, fun thing to do...and it is! I have been doing really well. I even made top sales in my unit last month without even knowing it. I get to get out and socialize while I'm making money. And I get a ton of free candles, which is a HUGE bonus for me. It's allowing me to continue to stay home with Delia during the day and taking some of the burden off Mike. It really has been an enormous blessing.

Our biggest news is that we're moving!!!!! Finally! I've said it a thousand times...I don't mean to seem ungrateful for having a free place to stay the last 10 months...but there is nothing like being in your own place. We'll be heading up north of Nashville. We'll actually be about 30 minutes from the KY line. Which really isn't far from where we are now. I will be so glad to be in my own bedroom (on our mattress that is no longer just sitting on the floor...we've been sleeping like squatters all this time), and cook my own meals, and watch my television (which is a brand new Samsung LCD 1080p 120hz HDTV...thanks PartyLite!), and have everything just the way I want it...this is starting to sound really self-centered. You get the point. We're excited. Delia will be back in her own room...I've been building a stash of new things for it so I'm super-excited to get it all set up. If you've ever gone from living on your own to moving back in with your know how we've been feeling. But the time has finally come.

We've been taught so many things over the last year and a half. We've had a serious lesson in patience and God's plan/timing vs. our plans/timing. We've left friends and lost A LOT. It has been so stinking hard a lot of the time to not get discouraged and down on ourselves. But I've also learned how to find everything. I've never really been a pessimistic sort of girl...but as rough as things were was really taking it out of me. I don't think we ever hit the bottom of anything...but we sure got close several times. That has taught me to look for the silver lining in just about anything and any situation. I've also had to learn that my silly attempts at control really are futile. I've been meaning to get this lesson down for a long took drastic measures for that to happen. But I'm grateful for it.

Well, I need to get off here and get some more packing in. 2 more weeks!!!! Of's going to crawl by...but I can handle it! Oh and I'll add new photos once we get moved. I have been forbidden to add any photos to my parents' ancient computer and we no longer have internet on ours since we had to dismantle the router. Apparently it was somehow damaging the aforementioned ancient computer. You've all waited this long...2 more weeks won't kill anyone.

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